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Emerging Designer

...Corinthia Peoples

CORINTHIA PEOPLES of Corinthia Peoples Designs
Is a wearable art, Artist.

All of her pieces are handcrafted with semi precious gemstones, rare bone material, oceanic delicacies and sterling silver.

Corinthia Peoples incorporates pieces into her collection that are acquired in support of social and collective economics of underrepresented artist communities as a vehicle to introduce ART globally.

As for her design process, Peoples says, “listening is key, a spiritual conversation is evoked and wearable art emerges”.

The collections’ purpose and mission is to encourage, inspire and transform the inner and outer WOMAN through the expressive power of wearable art.


I am undeniably the product of the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Growing up I had four mother figures including the Queen B who gave me life. All five women gave me a special piece of themselves, with their individual life philosophies based on their varying experiences. My core foundation is set in southern values, principles and traditions.

I was born in Dallas Texas; however, I am Northern California grown, “a southern bell with a city twist.” I consider myself fortune to have multiple models of influence, reference and support. I lean on them when I need guidance. Growing up the entire house, from the front yard to the back yard, was my playground to create an imaginary world. This world allowed me to be the center of everyone’s attention and envision my biggest, boldest and badest dream.

I come from a lineage of entrepreneurs, and am proud to be a third generation business owner. Each generation takes pride in doing their individual passion, skill and dream, while supporting their families. Being a business owner has been the most challenging task I’ve ever faced in my entire life. In addition, it affords me the flexibility to travel, meet new people and make women look and feel beautiful. I believe jewelry chose me and the entrepreneur spirit and imagination has been awakened. Five years ago, I built Corinthia People Designs, and I now realize that I am destined to be front and center. The world is truly my stage!

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